Warm tips for observing discipline and law

During their study in China, international students should understand the relevant contents of the anti-drug law of the People's Republic of China, the road traffic safety law of the People's Republic of China, the disciplinary measures for students of Harbin Institute of Technology, the administrative standards for examination discipline and examination discipline of students of Harbin Institute of technology, and strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China and the rules and regulations of Harbin Institute of technology. 

Relevant regulations about Religion

International students should strictly obey the regulation of ‘Foreigners Religious Activities Management In the People’s Republic of China’ and ‘Detailed Measures for Foreigners Religious Activities Management In the People’s Republic of China’ and respect different cultures, religions, and customs during study in China. 

People’s Republic of China respects the freedom of religion of foreigners by protecting and managing foreigners’ religious activities according to related laws and regulations.

Foreigners who launch religious activities should obey China's rules, regulations, and laws. They can only participate in religious activities in authorized places. Spreading knowledge related to religions or religious gatherings inside the campus is forbidden.

Press work, including videos and other stuff related to videos with the amount exceeding personal use, is forbidden. Once found out, related persons would be sent to authorities and dealt with according to laws. Spreading propaganda materials inside the campus is forbidden. Religious pictures, words, and accessories are not allowed to be put obviously in the public area.

Foreigners should not set up religious organization, public religious area or schools for any reason or form inside China.

Foreigners are not allowed to proceed with the following religious spreading

1Appointing religious staff among Chinese citizens inside China

2Educate new religious staff in China

3Spreading religious knowledge in public areas

4Spreading religious knowledge or gathering outside the authorized area without permission

5Chinese citizens participate in religious activities except for the Chinese who are authorized to organize the activity

6Publishing or selling religious periodicalsradios or videos, and other electronics and religious products

7Spreading religious products


Foreigners who disobey the rules and regulations of religious management and participate in religious activities will be sent to the security authorities if it is considered a crime against the “Law of Emigration Immigration Administration of the People’s Republic of China” and “Rules of Public Security Management of the People’s Republic of China.”

Regulations about illegal working in China

To strengthen the standard management of international students, according to The Educational Law of the People's Republic of China, the Higher Education Law of the People's Republic of China, Law of the People's Republic of China on Control of the Entry and Exit of Foreign and Regulation on Administration of Institutions of Higher Education to Accept Foreign Students, international students shall not be employed, run business, or engage in other business activities during their studying period in Chinese institutions. Students involved in these activities their visa will be canceled and repatriated by the Public Security Organ.

Tips on Preventing Telecom Fraud

Telecom scam is emerged as one of the current trends in fraud. It uses telephone, message, wechat to fabricate false information, false IDs and made-up lies to swindle victims. Therefore, CIE reminds students must be vigilant and strengthen self-defense. Encountering such a situation, you should calm down and do as follow:

Do not Believe: Do not believe any unidentified phone or messages. Please do not believe w hatever rhetoric criminals. Hang up immediately and do not reply the message.

Do not Transfer: Learn to understand the bank knowledge and ensure your bank account security. Remittances and bank transfers should not be sent to strangers. Even acquaintances, you should carefully confirm by telephone before transfer.

Do not Disclose: Consolidate your psychological line of defense, and do not be greedy for petty profits. In any case, do not disclose your identity, family, deposits, and bank card information. If you have any doubts, please call 110, campus 110 for advice, or contact your relatives, friends, and colleagues to verify.

Tips on Preventing Campus Loan Fraud

In recent years, some dishonest network loan platforms have handed out false propaganda with lower loan requirements to induce students to apply for loans with hidden high interest, which may cause a significant economic burden for students and their families. Please be alert and do not believe in all types of lending advertisements, promotional materials, and bank lending without approval by the China Banking Regulatory Commission(CBRC).

Tips on Insurance in China

International students studying for degrees at our school must purchase insurance within China following relevant national regulations and school requirements of the People's Republic of China. Self-funded degree students and Chinese government scholarship students must log in to the website www.lxbx.net to purchase insurance in advance when registering for enrollment. After buying the insurance, the purchase voucher should be retained. The insurance premium for Chinese government scholarship students must be paid in advance and reissued later.

Those who fail to purchase insurance according to regulations should be insured within a specified period. If they fail to do so within the specified period, the school will not accept them; For those who have already studied in school should be dropped out or not registered.

International students must notify the supervising teacher as soon as possible in case of accidental injury or hospitalization for medical treatment, and the school where the student belongs shall claim compensation or apply for medical advance services from the insurance company following the predetermined insurance terms. Consulting/Claims Hotline: 400-810-5119.

If any student occurs accidents or medical accidents outside of the effective time of the insurance, they shall bear their responsibility. 

After international students purchase insurance, if they need to take a break, drop out, or transfer midway, the insurance they purchase will still be effective within China.

Any specific matters related to the Comprehensive Insurance for International Students Coming to China shall be executed per the terms of Ping An Insurance Company of China. (Insurance-related website: http://www.lxbx.net