Orientation is the first class of international students; it is vital in the whole process of education. To help first-year students adapt to school life as soon as possible, achieve learning objectives, establish a learning attitude, and enhance learning motivation, the College of International Education (CIE) will arrange Orientation for first-year students in the fall semester each year. We hope it will help international students understand Chinese law and school discipline and integrate into school life. The main content of the orientation includes the introduction of Harbin, the introduction of HIT, the introduction of relevant regulations of HIT, the stipulation of scholarship students, the law of accommodation, visa, insurance, and some tips on life.

Additionally, we will guide first-year students to visit the Harbin Institute of Technology campus and the HIT museum.

International Student Management Office   TEL0451-86412741



Job Content

Section Chief/Coordinator

Wang Xueyuan

Overall work of the International Student Management OfficeResponsible for the management of Master /PhD international students of the School of Management, Environment and Transportation

Associate Chief

Chen Daqing

Responsible for international student affairs


Chai Weiqiang

Responsible for managing international undergraduate students in aerospace, telecommunications, electromechanical, materials, energy, instruments, electrical, mathematics, life, civil engineering, environment, architecture, transportation, computer science, and medicine


Lu Jingjing

Responsible for managing the undergraduate international students of the School of Economics and Management, Chemical Engineering,  International Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences and Law


Li Yongqi

Responsible for the management Master /PhD of

School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Materials, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, Mathematics, Physics, and Instrumentation


Zhang Yuhan

Responsible for managing Master /PhD  international studentso of school of aerospace, computer science, energy, chemical engineering, life, humanities, and architecture

Program Coordinator

Guo Ning

Responsible for international student affairs

Program Coordinator

Li Xuemei

Responsible for Chinese language international   student affairs