I. Eligibility

1. Applicants must be citizens of a country other than the People's Republic of China.

2. Applicants must be master's diploma holders and under the age of 40.

3. Applicants are in good health both mentally and physically.

4. Applicants must meet minimum language proficiency standards.

Chinese-taught programs: HSK level 4≥210 scores (valid for two years).

There are no Chinese language proficiency requirements for the applicants of English-taught programs.

English-taught programs: TOEFL≥78 scores, IELTS≥6.0 scores, or equivalent English language proficiency certificates.

II. Application Documents

The application documents in other languages must be notarized in English or Chinese.

1. Log into the HIT online application system to complete the application form.

The online application system is available at https://hit.at0086.cn/StuApplication

2. Passport homepage.

3. Master's diploma or expected graduation certificate.

4. Academic transcripts of a master degree.

5. Language proficiency certificates.

6. Astudy plan at least 1,000 words (write according to HIT requirements. The template is below). The study plan for a doctoral degree shall be approved and signed by the applicant's Chinese supervisor.

7. Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors.

8. Recent Physical Examination Record for Foreigner.

9. Non-criminal record report (usually issued within six months before the application submission date).

10. Remittance voucher of application fee (CNY400/CNY600 ).

11. Certificate of deposit (at least CNY30,000 or equivalent foreign currency).

12. Acceptance letter (not mandatory). An applicant is encouraged to contact HIT's professors ahead of submission.

13. Proof of outstanding academic achievements, sports, art, cultural exchanges, public welfare activities, etc. (not mandatory).

III. Program Duration

September——Januaryfall term

February——Junespring term

Julysummer term

IV. Application Period

Applications are open all year round.

Deadline for September 2024 intake is June 20th.

V. Fees

Doctoral Degree Programs


4 years








Application fee


HIT scholarship application fee


Accommodation fee


Note: The application fee is non-refundable.

VI. Remittance Information

Bank Name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Harbin, Da Zhi Branch

Bank Address: 318 East Dazhi Street, Harbin, People's Republic of China

Name: Harbin Institute of Technology

Account Number: 3500040109008900513


Note: Please mark the applicant's passport name on the remittance voucher.


VII. Teaching Language

All doctoral degree programs can be taught in English (except those in the School of Humanities, Social Science and Law). Please see the attachment below for details.

VIII. Scholarships


Scholarship Coverage

Application Deadline


Chinese Government Scholarship

Type A

Tuition, accommodation, insurance and monthly allowance

Subject to notification from a Chinese embassy or consulate

Applicants should be applied through a Chinese embassy or consulate. Applicants should select Harbin Institute of Technology as the first priority institution when applying.

Chinese Government Scholarship

Type B

Tuition, accommodation, insurance and monthly allowance  

  February 15th,2024

 Application link:


HIT Scholarship


100% tuition

 May 31st,2024

 Application link:



Half tuition fee


70% tuition fee


 80% tuition fee

IX. Application Process

Step 1: Log in to the HIT online application system to complete the application form.

The online application system is available at https://hit.at0086.cn/StuApplication

Step 2: Pay the application fee CNY400 or CNY600.

Step 3: Upload application documents as required.

X. Contact

Tel: +86-451-86402455, +86-451-86418461

E-mail: StudyatHIT@hit.edu.cn

XI. Attachments

[download] Physical Examination Record for Foreigner

[download] Study Plan

[download] Professor Information

[download] Acceptance Letter

[download] Doctoral Degree Programs (English-taught).

[downloadDoctoral Degree Programs (Chinese-taught)