Dear Students,

Hereby, CIE warmly reminds all the international students that:

1.Please help maintain a safe living environment at Harbin Institute of Technology by respecting the school's rules. Pay attention to electricity, water, and fire safety; cut the electricity and water, close the window, lock the door before you leave, and take care of your personal belongings from theft. Flammable materials, explosives, and other dangerous things are strictly prohibited in the dormitory and on any part of the school grounds.


POLICE: 110; FIRE: 119; TRAFFIC: 122; FISRT AID: 120; School Security Office: 86412110

2.Please follow all traffic regulations and pay close attention to safety. Driving any auto-mobile without a license or under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Do not take any taxi without proper license plates and photo identification. If any taxi driver has been drinking, do not board the taxi.

3.Please pay attention to the sanitary conditions of what and where you eat to maintain your health and prevent from illness.

4.Please do NOT drink too much alcohol.

5.If you have any issues with your medical insurance, please contact the insurance company (no:#4008105119) (Chinese and English Languages Support).

6.When entering the password at an ATM, please be aware of the surroundings. If the machine fails or returns your card, please call the bank immediately.

Bank of China95566China Construction Bank95533ICBC95588

7.Please take your valid identification when you are traveling. Do NOT live in the inns without a license. During the journey, do not trust strangers; if you have any problem, please ask a police officer for assistance; travel with friends, do not go to remote areas, and avoid carrying large amounts of cash.

8.If you plan to leave Harbin during the holiday, please re-register at the reception desks of the dormitory or local police stations when you return within 24 hours.

9.Civilized and safe Internet access. Enhance the awareness of network security, legal and rational use of network resources. Do not click on unfamiliar links, do not download unfamiliar programs, do not easily disclose personal privacy and identity information, and strictly prevent network fraud.