【Hi-Time】Notice from the College of International Education on selection of members for "Chinese Township Practice -- Baiquan County Cultural Blending Social Practice"

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In order to enhance international students' understanding and experience of China's rural development and to feel China's rural revitalization strategy, the College of International Education has specially planned the "Chinese Township Practice -- Baiquan County Cultural Blending Social Practice" activity. This practice will organize international students to go to Longquan Town (Tongle Village), Baiquan County, Qiqihar City, to deeply experience rural life, and promote the integration and understanding of Chinese and foreign cultures through cultural exchange activities.


Currently, we are recruiting international students for participation in the practice program.

We hope that many international students will actively participate and experience the charm of rural China together. The notice regarding relevant matters is as follows:

一、实践时间 Practice Time

78日至710July 8th to July 10th

二、实践内容 Practical Content


International students will go to Longquan Town (Tongle Village), Baiquan County, to participate in rural experience activities, such as farm work, outdoor barbecue, to experience the charm of rural China.

They will communicate and interact with local primary and secondary school students in Longquan Town, share cultures from different countries, and enhance understanding through talent show, game interaction and other interactive activities. Additionally, they will visit local historical sites to learn about China's revolutionary traditions and heroic deeds.


During the practice, rural life can be documented through various forms such as pictures, videos, and vlogs. Each member is required to write a summary report at the end of the practice, including personal experience, learning outcomes, etc.

三、选拔对象及条件 The Selection Objects

1. 在籍境内本科生、硕士生、博士生;

2. 热爱中国,品德良好,无违法违纪记录;

3. 身心健康,团队意识、人际沟通和交往能力强;

4. 对乡村发展和文化交流有浓厚兴趣,具备良好的中文表达和写作能力,能够流利使用中文进行交流;

5. 出行前需征求导师的同意,能如期参加全部活动并遵守中国法律法规、当地相关管理规定以及学校相关制度要求。

. Domestic undergraduate, master and doctoral students;

. Love China, have good moral character, and no record of violating laws or regulations;

. Good physical and mental health, strong team spirit, and excellent interpersonal communication skills;

. Strong interest in rural development and cultural exchange, good Chinese expression and writing skills, able to communicate fluently in Chinese;

. Prior to the trip, you must seek the consent of supervisor, and be able to participate in all activities as scheduled and comply with Chinese laws and regulations, relevant local regulations and school Policies.

四、选拔流程 Selection Process


Registration: Scan the ** code below to register, deadline: 12:00, July 6th.


Interview: After the registration, preliminary screening will be conducted based on Chinese proficiency. Eligible students will be invited to participate in the interview. The specific arrangements for the interview will be announced later.

五、其他事项 Other Matters

1. 乡村生活条件简朴,自带被品和必要的生活物品。

2. 食宿、交通等费用由学院负责,个人事项的费用需自行承担;

3. 入选者需全程参与实践活动,听从指导教师安排,不得无故缺席。

. Rural living conditions are simple, please bring your own bedding and necessary living items.

. Accommodation, transportation and other expenses shall be covered by the college, while personal expenses will be the responsibility of the individual.

. Selected candidates are required to participate in all practical activities, follow the arrangement of the instructor’s, and must not be absent without reason.


College of International Education


July 5th, 2024