Notice from the College of International Education on Selecting Observation Team Members of the“Experience China -Development of Jinxiu Yao Ethnic Minority Autonomous County”

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In order to further enhance the profound understanding of China’s rural revitalization strategy among international students, help them experience the assistance project implemented by Harbin Institute of Technology in Jinxiu Yao Ethnic Minority Autonomous County and its significant achievements, cultivate their social responsibility awareness and practical skills, and promote cultural understanding between China and foreign countries, the College of International Education has successfully planned “Experience China - Development of Jinxiu Yao Ethnic Minority Autonomous County” social practice project of the China Scholarship Council.


“Experience China -Development of Jinxiu Yao Ethnic Minority Autonomous County”observation team includes two parts: visits, Chinese and English volunteer teaching. According to the project arrangement, the CIE is conducting selection work for the Observation Team for international students. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

一、实践时间 Practice Time

7月初,全程共6天。 In early July, the entire journey lasts for 6 days.

二、人数规模 Number of Members

国际学生10人。10 International Students.

三、选拔对象 Selection








1. Undergraduate, master, and doctoral students studying at HIT;

2. Love China, have good moral character, and have no record of violating laws and regulations;

3. Good physical and mental health, strong team spirit, interpersonal communication and interpersonal skills;

4. Have a strong interest in the theme of the event, possess good Chinese expression and writing skills, and can proficiently use speak Chinese and give Chinese speeches;

5. Follow the guidance teacher's arrangements during the activity process, and cooperate to complete the summary of practical results after the activity is completed;

6. Before traveling, seek the consent of the coordinator  (and supervisor), participate in all activities as scheduled, and comply with Chinese laws and regulations, local management regulations, and school regulations;

7. Priority will be given to selecting international students who have not participated in theExperience China”series of practical activities this year.

四、实践内容 Practice Content

1. 国际学生走进金秀瑶族自治县,以图片、视频、Vlog等形式记录访问内容和成果,形成文字和影像记录。

International students enter Jinxiu Yao Ethnic Minority Autonomous County and record their visit content and achievements in the form of pictures, videos, Vlogs, etc.forming written and visual records.





With the guidance teacher, all members are required to complete a summary of the relevant content:

(1) Personal summary (over 2000 words, in Chinese, with illustrations and text);

(2) Image collection (electronic photo album);

(3) Series Vlog: Record practical learning outcomes.


International students who participate in practice and achieve practical results can receive a certificate of participation, and outstanding students will be invited to participate in the CIE’s social practice concentrated exhibition and summary activities.


The practice does not charge any fees, and the CIE pays for the team's accommodation, transportation, and other expenses incurred during the practice period. The voluntary expenses for personal matters of students and guidance teachers during the practice period shall be borne by themselves.

五、选拔流程 Selection Process


Individual registration. Before 17:00 on June 27th, send the registration form to . The file naming format is “student ID+passport name+Chinese name”.


Interview. After receiving the registration form, the International Student Management Office of the College of International Education will select based on students’ application materials and Chinese proficiency. Students who meet the registration requirements will participate in the interview. The specific time and location of the interview will be notified separately.




College of International Education


June 26th, 2024