Preview of Cultural Experience Activities By College of International Education During the Dragon Boat Festival

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In order to allow international students to deeply understand and experience the unique charm of Dragon Boat Festival, enhance their understanding and interest in traditional Chinese culture, and celebrate Chinese profound cultural heritage, College of International Education will carry out cultural experience activities for the Dragon Boat Festival.

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Cultural sharing of the Dragon Boat Festival (Friday morning 10:00-11:00, limited to 30 students)

端午节,是中国的传统节日之一,每年农历五月初五庆祝。 Hi-Talk跨文化交流社将邀请国际教育学院汉语教师裴莹为国际学生节日文化分享。

The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the traditional festivals in China, celebrated every year on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. This festival has a rich cultural background and diverse celebration activities, and is an important component of Chinese national culture. Hi-Talk Intercultural Communication Club will invite Pei Ying, a Chinese language teacher from CIE, to share the Dragon Boat Festival culture with international students.


 Please fill out the registration form to register. (The form will open on June 5 at 17:00)


Cultural Experience of the Dragon Boat Festival (Friday morning 11:00-11:30)


The Dragon Boat Festival has a rich cultural background and diverse celebration activities. Hi Time Youth Club will hold game activities such as throwing pots and answering questions about Dragon Boat Festival culture on the 2nd floor of Apartment A03. Students will also be provided with exquisite bracelets and sachets for the Dragon Boat Festival (limited to 300 pieces).


  “Home of International Love” Special Activity—Aromatherapy Sachet DIY and Colorful Rope DIY (Friday 14:00-16:00limited to 36 students)


 Aromatherapy sachets are traditional crafts with a long history, symbolizing peace, health, and good wishes. Colorful ropes represent happiness, good fortune, and longevity. During the Dragon Boat Festival, making sachets and colorful ropes is not only an important way to express blessings but also a unique form of celebrating the Chinese traditional holiday. Hi-Touch Team will conduct DIY activities in Room 207 on the 2nd floor of Apartment A03.Please fill out the registration form to register. (The form will open on June 5 at 17:00)


 Note: Please use the Chinese version as the main notice, and the English translation is for reference only. The final interpretation is reserved by the College of International Education.




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