【Hi-Touch】 Preview of the“Painted Heart”Activity of the CIE“Voice of the Heart”Series Activities ——Plaster Doll Graffiti

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In order to popularize mental health knowledge, create a healthy international campus atmosphere, and improve international students’ self-esteem, self-confidence and positive social mentality, “Home of International Love” of College of International Education is now holding the “Painted Heart” Plaster Doll Graffiti Activity of the “Voice of the Heart” Series Activities.

Activity Introduction

The painting process of plaster dolls is not only a simple image creation, but also a shaping of the inner world. In this time of stress and anxiety, plaster doll graffiti creation can provide students with an outlet for their emotions to find joy in their creation, so that they can better deal with challenges in life and study. Whether it is the first time to try painting or students who have a certain foundation in painting, they can get inspiration and harvest in this activity.

Activity Time

 14:00-16:00 on April 2, 2024 (Tuesday)

Activity Location

CIE A03-207 Room

Activity Students 

All international students. ( Limited to 15 students)

How to Register

Please fill out the registration form to register. (The form will open on March 28 at 14:00.)





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