Safety Tips for Winter Vacation

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亲爱的同学们 Dear students


According to the arrangement of the school, the relevant requirements of winter vacation are notified as follows


Winter Vacation Time and Related Arrangements

1. 寒假时间为202418日(星期一)至202433日(星期日),共8周。

The winter vacation period is from January 8th, 2024 (Monday) to March 3rd, 2024 (Sunday), for a total of 8 weeks.

2. 学生31日(星期五)-33日(星期日)到校注册;34日(星期一)正式上课。

Students need to register on campus from March 1st (Friday) to March 3rd (Sunday). The class will officially start on March 4th (Monday).


Requirements about Winter Vacation


Pay attention to personal health, wash hands frequently, and ventilate the room frequently.


It is prohibited to use overloaded electrical appliances in the dormitory, and smoking is not allowed in the dormitory. When leaving the residence or dormitory, please close your doors and windows, keep your valuables, turn off “water, electricity”, and pay attention to fire prevention.


If you have plans to move out of the apartment or leave Harbin, please contact your coordinator in advance.


If you change your residence in Harbin, please register your accommodation information in a timely manner and update the information to your coordinator. Please do not conceal or omit any information.

4.外出期间,请随时保持手机联络畅通,遇到紧急情况时及时与辅导员联系。关于医疗保险问题,请咨询保险公司相关员工,联系电话:4008105119 (可提供汉语和英语服务)

During going out, keep your mobile phone contact unblocked at any time and contact your coordinator in case of emergency. For medical insurance, please consult the insurance company at 4008105119 (Chinese and English services are available).


Please strictly abide by Chinese laws and do not work illegally. Drug abuse and drug involvement are prohibited. Students are prohibited from carrying out illegal missionaries, illegal religious gatherings and other activities. It is forbidden to drink too much to cause trouble or to fight.


Please pay attention to traffic safety, do not take illegal vehicles, and take care of your belongings all the time; Please consciously abide by traffic rule and resolutely reject unlicensed driving, drunk driving and other illegal acts; When riding an electric bicycle, students must wear a helmet and drive in strict accordance with the speed limit specified in the Traffic Law.


Beware of fraud, do not trust strangers easily, and do not transfer money to strangers.                


Students who have already left school and returned to their home country or gone to other cities should keep in touch with your coordinator, and closely check the latest policies of the school. If you have purchased a flight ticket to China for the new semester, please contact your coordinator in advance.


The specific requirements and notifications for registration will be sent to students one month before the beginning of the semester. Please pay attention to your exam results, purchase tickets in a timely manner, and return to school no later than the registration time.


Students who are still on suspension in the autumn semester of 2023 and should resume their studies in the spring semester of 2024, please contact your coordinator in a timely manner to apply for resumption of studies and obtain visa documents.

三、联系电话 Contact Number

心理咨询 24 小时热线 24-hour contact number for psychological counseling0451-86413256

一校区报警求助电话The alarm number for the first campus0451-86412110

二校区报警求助电话The alarm number for the second campus0451-86283110

科学园报警求助电话The alarm number for the Science Park0451-86402110

哈尔滨工业大学医院School Hospital0451-86413266

国际学生管理办公室电话 International Student Management Office0451-86412741


 Wish you a safe and happy holiday!



College of International Education


January 18th, 2024