Bachirou Guene Lougou


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Hello everyone, I ’m Bachirou Guene Lougou from Benin. I studied a Ph.D. in Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics at Harbin Institute of Technology from 2015 to 2018. After graduation, I joined the faculty of School of Energy Science and Engineering in HIT. Mainly engaged in research on solar thermal chemistry utilization technology. I successively carried out a solar innovative experimental teaching work, assisted undergraduate professional basic courses, and won the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Chinese Postdoctoral Science Foundation, and Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities. So far, I have published 30 SCI-EI papers in international authoritative journals. As the Thanks to HIT for training me over the past years. As the President of Alumni Association for International Students, I have donatedthe supplies for HIT, and hope we could conquer the COVID-19 together. I hope I can make a greater contribution to the development of HIT in the future! Happy 100's anniversary!