Kim Sothea


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Hello, Everyone. My name is Kim Sothea (金速利). I am from the amazing Kingdom of Cambodia.
In 2012, I was fortunate enough to obtain the prestigious Chinese Government Scholarship to study at Harbin Institute of Technology, and successfully graduated with a bachelor of Civil Engineering in 2016 along with some remarkable achievements including HSK Level 6, HIT Star (星光璀璨), Medal of Outstanding Student (优秀留学生)and Medal of Outstanding Graduate (优秀毕业生).

Currently, I am running a construction company in my country and honored to be the president of Harbin Institute of Technology Alumni Association of Cambodia (HIT-AAC).
I feel extremely blessed and thankful to have this honorable opportunity to have studied at HIT. That colorful and incredible experience at HIT, have I not only learnt a beautiful and lively Chinese language, in the most standard way possible, also happened to have found the mantra of success and figured out the significance of innovation, which rather precisely coincides with the spirit of HIT Gongfu. No matter what sort of endeavor we take on, however miniscule or herculean it may seem, we need to give every ounce of our sweat, blood and everything we have into it.

In this momentous occasion, I would humbly like to wish our beloved university a memorable and wonderful 100th Anniversary. 规格严格,功夫到家!我爱你,哈工大!Thanks!