To support and encourage international students at HIT to actively take part in high-level international academic conferences, and to provide opportunities of international academic exchanges for students, as well as to expand influences of HIT at the international level.


  1. Applicants must be full-time international students at HIT
  2. Only for academic conferences held by international authorized academic communities in the field recognized by supervisor
  3. The first author is clearly invited for verbal academic exchanges (affiliated institution of the first author should be Harbin Institute of Technology, and the supervisor should be one of the authors)
  4. The full text of paper should be accepted by conference proceedings
  5. Normally, each international student could be subsidized once within China and once outside China
  6. Usually only one international student could be subsidized at an international academic conference. Subsidies will be granted based on the order of application.
  7. Applicants must make a oral presentation at the international academic conference.

Funding Standards

International conferences held outside the country:
Traveling expenses limits: no more than 5000 yuan for Asian countries; no more than 10000 yuan for other countries; international conference registration fee is: no more than 500 dollars International conferences held domestically:
Traveling expenses limit: no more than 1500 yuan

Procedure of Application and Approval

Applicants should provide the following materials to College of International Education at least two months before the conference.

  1. Completed HIT Special Funds Application Form for International Students Attending High-Level International Conference
  2. Copy of formal invitation (it should be noted that the full text of paper should be accepted by conference proceedings)
  3. Copy of conference agenda (if no agenda is available, please provide certification or other evidence of participation in the conference)
  4. Abstract of the paper

Reimbursement Procedure

  1. International Student Center will provide a Funding Notice for International Students Attending High-level International Conferences. Students can use it to claim expenses.
  2. When claiming expenses, please provide a conference summary (including experience, suggestions and photos), receipts (domestic conferences: original railway tickets or flight tickets; conferences abroad: receipt of flight ticket, travel itinerary, original round-trip boarding check and receipt of conference registration fees)
  3. Students should spend wisely and not exceed the limits of their reimbursement. Expenses beyond the set limits will not be covered.


The regulations on special funds for international students attending international academic conferences have changed; previous versions no longer apply. The power of interpretation belongs to College of International Education, Harbin Institute of Technology.

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