Happy New year

A Letter to All International Students of HIT

Dear international students,

It has been a long time since we saw each other last time. We miss you so much.

One year has passed since you left the campus and the school is in deep concern about your safety and health. HIT has passed a history of one century. We all fall in love deeply with HIT, so does HIT with you. Hereby we are writing to send our sincere greetings and care to all international students.

Although it has come to the end of the year 2020, the COVID-19 control and prevention work is still ongoing. Active and effective measures have been taken across the world. Let’s wait for the end to come as soon as possible. At this critical stage, we wish all the students:

Pay more attention to hygiene and health, treat the epidemic scientifically

Please keep a rational and scientific attitude, actively learn scientific and effective knowledge on epidemic control and prevention, increase physical exercises, and improve self-immunity.

Make suitable study plan, enjoy yourself at home

Please combine online study and studying at home, keep a normal study life, and reduce as much epidemic influence as you can.

Keep positive, be vigilant

Please complete ‘health kick’ each day, keep in touch with your coordinator, pay close attention to latest policies from the school, strictly resist rumors and false information from the internet.

International students outside China should not return to the school before receiving notice to do so. Please keep calm and wait for our notice.

Dear all, your understanding and cooperation is more required during this critical period. Let’s fight shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm, to overcome the difficulties, until we win the global battle against the pandemic. We are looking forward to seeing you in the campus after the pandemic.

More importantly, we wish all of you make great progress, safe and healthy, and a happy New Year!

Harbin Institute of Technology
College of International Education
December 31, 2020