Card Service

Q: How do students get a meal card?

A: Meal cards are available on the first floor of Xueyuan canteen, 1st campus. Business hour: 8:00-17:00. Students should take passport, passport copy, student card or other certificates that certify student status.

Q: How do students apply for the student ID book?

A: After registration, apply for the student ID book from the school instructor.

Q: How do students apply for the student card?

A: During registration, the school will take photos for new students to apply for the student card. Students who lost student card should go to the 9th floor of Gewu building to reissue a new student card.

Q: How do students access to the school internet?

A: Go to the internet center to apply for the school internet ID with passport, accommodation card and meal card.
Working time: 8:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday
Contact: 0451-86414659-801

Q: How do students get library card?

A: Apply for the library card at school library with student ID book or student card.