School Bus Schedule

Q:What's the time and route of School Bus ?

A: School Bus Schedule

Driving rangeBoarding LocationDateDeparture TimeRoute
Main Campus-        2nd CampusDianji BuildinMon.-Fri8:30——16:00        half-hour intervals        12:00 No busDianji Building—School of Architecture—Main Building(2nd Campus)—Dining Hall—School of Civil Engineering
Sat. Sun.16:30Dianji Building—Dining Hall
2nd Campus-        Main CampusSchool of Civil*EngineeringMon.-Fri8:30——16:00        half-hour intervals        12:00 No busSchool of Civil Engineering →Dining Hall→ Main Building(2nd Campus)→School of Architecture →Dianji Building
*Dining HallSat. Sun.7:30Dining Hall—Dianji Building
Main Campus-        Science ParkIntersection between Administration Building and New Building, Square between Dorm 8 and Gymnasium


8:00        10:30        13:30        15:40Intersection between Administration Building and New Building—Square between Dorm 8 and Gymnasium—Electric Vehicle Institute—Electronic Information Building—International Convention Center—Nanyuan Dining Hall
Science Park-        Main CampusNanyuan Dining        Hall


9:00        11:20        14:10        16:30Nanyuan Dining Hall—International Convention Center—Electronic Information Building—Electric Vehicle        Institute—Square between Dorm 8 and Gymnasium—Intersection between Administration Building and New        Building
Friendly reminder:Further notice would be made if school bus is out of operation