Schools and Majors

Master's Degree Programs (Chinese-taught)



Research Field

School of Astronautics

0811 Control Science and Engineering

1.Navigation Guidance and Control

2.Detection Technology and Automation Device

3.Control Theory and Control Engineering

4.System Engineering and Stimulation

5.Robots and Intelligent System

0801 Mechanics

1.Damage and Fracture Mechanics

2.Solid Dynamics

3.Structural Mechanics and Software Engineering

4.Composite Materials and Structural Mechanics

5.Characterization and Failure Analysis of Advanced Composite Materials

6.Integration of Structural Design, Analysis and Evaluation of Composite Materials

7.Reliability and Optimization of Complex Structure Engineering

8.Intelligent Materials and Multi-field Coupling Mechanics

9.Thermal Protection System and Structure Design

10.Structural Dynamics and Vibration Control

11.Spacecraft Dynamics and Control

12.Hydrodynamics and Control of Underwater Vehicles

13.Nonlinear Dynamics

14. Health Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis Technology of Engineering System

0825 Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology

1. Aircraft System Design

2. Flight Dynamics and Control

3. Aircraft Intelligent Autonomous Navigation, Guidance and Control

4. Deep Space Flight and Landing Return

5. Integrated Design and Simulation of Aircraft

6. Dynamics and Control of Complex Spacecraft

7. Space Environmental Effects of Spacecraft and its Countermeasures

8. Structure and Protection of Aerospace Vehicles

0803 Optical Engineering

1. Optical Image and Information Processing Technology

2. High Resolution Optical Remote Sensing Technology

3. Target Detection and Recognition Technology

4. Modern Photoelectric Detection Technology

5. Photoelectric Guidance and Simulation Technology

0809 Electronics Science and Technology

1.Laser Spatial Information and Confrontation

2.Tunable Lase and Short Wavelength Laser

3.Nonlinear Optics, Quantum Optics and its Application

4.Optoelectronic Devices and Technology

5.Study on Lase Medium Spectrum and Laser Mechanism

6.Micro-Nano Device and Micro-System

7.Design and Application of Integrated Circuits

8.Wireless Sensor Network Technology

9.Advanced SoC High Reliability IC Design Technology

10.Microwave and Millimeter Wave Circuit Theory and System

11.Wireless Theory and Technology

12.Microwave Intelligent Materials and Microwave Imaging Theory and Technology

School of Energy Science and Engineering

0807 Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo-Physics

1. Engineering Thermo-physics

2.Thermal Engineering

3.Power Machinery and Engineering

4.Fluid Machinery and Engineering

5.Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering

6. Chemical Process Machinery

Faculty of Computing

0812 Computer Science and Technology

1.High Reliability Computing and Fault Tolerant Computing

2.Mobile Computing

3.Computer Network and Information Technology

4.Massive Data Computation

5.Digital Media and Human-Computer Interaction

6.Natural Language Computing Technology

7.Enterprise Computing and Service Computing

8.Biocomputing and Bioinformatics Technology

9.Multi-agent Robot Technology

10.Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition

11.Information Fusion Technology and Application

12.Computational Theory

13.Social Computing

14. Machine Learning

0835 Software Engineering

1.Software Service Engineering and Service Computing

2.Service Science and Engineering

3.Software Engineering Technology and Software Architecture

4.Software Reliability and Software Testing

5.Intelligent Software Theory and Machine Learning

6.Data Mining and Business Intelligence

7. Application of Software Engineering

School of Instrumentation Science and Engineering

0804 Instrument Science and Technology

1. Ultra Precision Measurement Technology and Instruments

2. Laser Measurement and Detection Technology

3. Modern Microscopic Technology and Instruments

4. Visual and Photoelectric Measurement Technology

5. Precision Electromagnetic Measurement Technology and Instruments

6. Advanced Acousto-optic Materials and Instruments

7. Technology of Radiation Temperature Measurement and Thermo-physical Properties Measurement

8. Navigation Instruments and System Technology

9. Bioinformatics Detection and Medical Instruments

School of Electrical Engineering and Automation

0808 Electrical Engineering

1. Motor and Electrical Appliances

2. Power Electronics and Power Transmission

3. Power System and Automation

4. Electrician Theory and New Technique

School of Mathematics

0701 Mathematics

1. Analysis and Partial Differential Equations

2. Algebra and Topology

3. Ordinary Differential Equation and Dynamical System

4. Science and Engineering Computation

5. Inverse Problem of Mathematical Physics

6. Operational Control and Optimization

School of Physics

0702 Physics

1.Nonlinear Optics and Photonic Devices

2.Military Photonics

3.Nano-photonics and Physics of Nano-materials

4.Optical Information Processing

5.Functional Materials Physics and Application

6.Cross-extreme Conditional Physics

7.Condensate Theory

8.Medium and High Energy Nuclear Physics

9.Hadron Physics

10.Atomic and Molecular Physics

11. Plasma Physics

School of Mechatronics Engineering

0802 Mechanical Engineering

1.Precision and Special Processing Technology

2.Modern Design Method and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

3.Electromechanical System Control and Automation

4.Fluid Transmission and Control

5.Robot Technology and System

6.Basic Theory and Application of Mechanical Transmission

7.Engineering Machinery

8.Micro-nanotechnology and its Application

9.Industrial Engineering

10. Industrial Design

0825 Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology

(Discipline Direction: Manufacturing Engineering of Aerospace Vehicle)

1. Space Structure and Control

2. Aerospace High Precision Manufacturing Technology

3. Space Robot Technology

4. Space of Special Processing Technology

5. Aircraft Digital Manufacturing Technology

6. Aircraft Ground Simulation and Testing Technology

School of Materials Science and Engineering

0805 Materials Science and Engineering

1. Functional Materials and Devices

2. Space Material and its Environmental Effects

3. Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering

4. Advanced Metal and Ceramic Materials

5. Solidification Science and Engineering

6. Plastic Processing Science and Engineering

7. Material Connection Science and Engineering

School of Management

1201 Management Science and Engineering

1.Management Information System and Decision Support System

2.Electronic Commerce and Business Intelligence

3.System Engineering and Operational Management

4.Electronic Health and Management

5. Knowledge Management and Knowledge Engineering

1202 Business Administration

1.Technological Innovation and Technology Management

2.Theory of Industry and Regional Development

3.Risk Analysis and Management

4.Modern Manufacturing System management Theory

5.Strategic Management and Modern Enterprise Operation

6.Marketing Theory

7.Accounting and Management Accounting Theory

8.Financial and Cost Management

9. Organizational Management and New Leadership

0202 Applied Economics

1. Financial Markets and Financial Stability

2. Financial Engineering and Financial Mathematics

3. Internet + and Financial Innovation

4. Urban Economy and Urban Governance

5. International Trade Theory and Practice

6. Behavioral Economics Theory and Experimental Methods

School of Humanities, Social Science and Law

0201 Theoretical Economics

1. Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

2. Economic Globalization and World Economy

3. Resource Environment and Economic Development

4. Study on Regional Economic Problems

5. International Trade Theory and Policy

0202 Applied Economics

1. International Trade Theory and Practice

2. International Finance Theory and Empirical Research

3. WTO and Economic Globalization

0303 Sociology

1. Research on Social Problems of Information and Network

2. Social Research Methods

3. Frontier of Psychodynamics

4. Industrial Sociology

5. Cultural Society and Social Theory

6. Urban Politics and Community Studies

0301 Law

1. Jurisprudence

2. Civil and Commercial Law

3. Criminal law

4. International Law

School of Civil Engineering

0814 Civil Engineering

1. Steel, Wood and Composite Structures

2. Concrete Structure, Masonry Structure and New Structure

3. Bridges and Ocean Engineering Structures

4. Civil Engineering Materials

5. Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Works and Protection Works

6. Geotechnical and Underground Engineering

7. Civil Engineering Construction and Management

0801 Mechanics

1. Structural Vibration, Impact, Explosion and Control

2. Structural Damage, Reliability and Health Monitoring

3. Computational Structural Mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics

4. Civil Engineering Intelligent Materials and Structural System

5. Civil Engineering Structure and System Design Theory

School of Environment

0830 Environmental Science and Engineering

1. Prevention and Control of Water Pollution and Sustainable Utilization of Water Resources

2. Hydro-chemical and Environmental Functional Materials

3. Safe Disposal and Resource Utilization of Municipal Solid Waste

4. Formation Mechanism and Prevention and Control of air Pollution

5. Regional Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control and Ecological Engineering

6. Environmental System Simulation, Prediction and Planning Management

0710 Biology (Discipline Direction: Microbiology)

1. Physiological Ecology of Environmental Microorganisms

2. Biotechnology and Molecular Biotechnology in Environmental Pollution Control

3. Biological Resources and Energy Development and Utilization

0814 Civil Engineering(Discipline Direction: Municipal Engineering)

1. Safety Control of Drinking Water Quality in Cities and Towns

2. Theory and Technology of Pollution (Waste) Water Treatment and Resource Utilization

3. Prevention and Control of Water Pollution and Sustainable Utilization of Water Resources

4. Hydro-chemical and Environmental Functional Materials

5. Safe Disposal and Resource Utilization of Municipal Solid Waste

6. Digitalization and Management Optimization of Urban Water System

7. Urban Water Circulation System

School of Architecture

0813 Architecture

1. Regional Architectural Design and Theory

2. Public Architectural Design and Its Theory

3. Green Building Theory and Energy Saving Technology

4. Urban and Architectural Physical Environment

5. Chinese and Foreign Architectural History and Heritage Protection

6. Urban Design Theory

7. Interior Design Theory

8. Architectural Planning and Its Theory

0814 Civil Engineering (Discipline Direction: Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering)

1. Theory and Application Technology of Heating Calculation

2. Theory and Application of Ventilation and Air Conditioning

3. Building Energy Conservation and Energy Utilization

4. Gas Storage and Transportation and Urban Gas Application

0833 Urban and Rural Planning

1. Urban and Rural Planning Theory and Methods

2. Urban Historical &Cultural Protection and Planning Design

3. Cold to Urban and Rural Living Environment Planning

4. Urban Form and Landscape Planning

5. Urban and Rural Security and Regional Planning

0834 Landscape Architecture

1. Theory and Method of Landscape Architecture Planning and Design in Cold Regions

2. Landscape Ecology Theory and Method

3. Theory of Landscape Architecture and Landscape Heritage Protection

4. Landscape Architecture History and Theory

0872 、1305 Design

1. Environmental Art Design and Theoretical Research

2. Product Design and Theoretical Research

3. Visual Communication Design and Theoretical Research

4. Public Art Design and Theoretical Research

5. Research on Design Education and Management

6. Digital Media Design

7. Digital Media Art

School of Transportation Science and Engineering

0823 Communication and Transportation Engineering

1. Road Building Materials

2. Subgrade and Pavement Engineering

3. Road Alignment Design Theory

4. Traffic Planning and Management

5. Traffic Safety

6. Traffic Information and Control

7. Road Economy and Management

8. Logistics Engineering

9. Road Traffic Environment

10. Intelligent Transportation System

0814 Civil Engineering (Discipline Direction: Bridge and Tunnel Engineering)

1. Design Theory and Construction Technology of Bridge Structure

2. Coupled Vibration of Vehicle-Bridge System

3. Seismic Resistance of Bridges

4. State Assessment, Detection and Reinforcement of Existing Bridges

5. Composite Bridge Structures

6. Bridge Health Monitoring

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

0817 Chemical Engineering and Technology

1. Chemical Power Supply

2. Electrochemical Surface Modification

3. Interfacial Chemistry and Engineering of Composite Polymers

4. Polymerization and Engineering

5. Green Chemical Technology

6. Preparation and Application of Inorganic Functional Materials

7. New Catalysts

8. Catalytic Reaction Engineering

9. Bioprocessing Technology

10. Biosynthesis and Separation Engineering

0832 Food Science and Engineering

1. Food Processing Engineering

2. Food Science

3. Chemistry of Natural Products

4. Extreme Environmental Nutrition

0703 Chemistry

1. Organic Synthesis and Structure Analysis

2. Energy Conversion Materials

3. Functional Nano-materials and Devices

4. Spectral Analysis

5. Polymer Synthesis and Modification

6. Bio-molecular Science

7. Computational Chemistry

0703 Chemistry (Discipline Direction: Chemistry and Physics of Polymers)

1. Interface modification and characterization of composite materials

2. Polymer Modification

3. Functional Polymers

4. High Performance Reinforcing Fibers

5. Molecular Simulation

School of Marxist

0101 philosophy

1. Marxist Philosophy

2. Philosophy of Science and Technology

0305 Marxist theory

1. Study on the Sinicization of Marxism

2. Ideological and Political Education

3. Research on the Basic Problems of Modern Chinese History

School of Electronics and Information Engineering

0810 Information and Communication Engineering

1. Wireless Communication and Network

2. Theory and Technology of Space Communication

3. New System Radar Theory and Technology

4. Microwave Imaging and Target Recognition Technology

5. Remote Sensing Information Processing Technology

6. Electronic Countermeasure Theory and Technology

7. Measurement and Control Theory and Technology

School of Life Science and Technology

0710 Biology

1. Cancer Biology

2. Microbial Genetic Engineering

3. Developmental Biology

4. Neurobiology

5. Space Biology/Space Medicine

6. Protein Structure and Function

7. Structural Molecular Biology

0831 Biomedical Engineering (Master of Engineering)

1. Nano-biotechnology

2. Medical Physics and Engineering

3. Bioinformatics Technology

4. Medical Image Processing

5. Bio-electromechanical Signal Processing

6. Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials

0777 Biomedical Engineering (Master of Science)

1. Nano-biotechnology

2. Medical Physics and Engineering

3. Bioinformatics Technology

4. Medical Image Processing

5. Bio-electromechanical Signal Processing

6. Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials