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Release Time 2020/06/05 20:47

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HIT News (School of Environment text/picture)During the period of epidemic prevention and control, the traditional practical teaching in colleges and universities is facing great challenges. In order to realize the "suspension of classes but non-stop learning" of graduation practice, under the unified arrangement of the School of Undergraduate, the School of Environment's Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering majorhas formulated a new cloud-based graduation practice mode. This new form of graduation practiceincludes virtual simulation platform, online guidance of design experts, recorded/live broadcast of water plant operation, interpretation of cloud-basedindustry development and other units. At the meantime, the School has launched an online graduation practice course for Grade 2016 undergraduates majoring in Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering from May 4 to 15.

It is understood that the graduation practice was organized by Qi Jingyao, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Environment, and Professor Nan Jun, vice-president of teaching. Professor Zhong Dan, head of the Municipal Engineering Department, led the internship, and teachers including GaoJinliang, Ma Wencheng and Tang Xiaobin participated in the internship. All the parts working together have formed the working idea of "turning difficulties into opportunities, expanding the practice teaching mode in multiple dimensions".

Gathering alumni to build a cloud classroom for graduation practice

Under the coordination of alumni of Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering, this internship invited domestic and foreign industry experts to give cloud lectures for students. These experts are Professor Yang Gong, Technical Director of Southern Water Company, Professor Shang Qinghai, Chief Engineer of Heilongjiang Institute of Urban Planning, Survey and Design, Professor KuangJie, Chief Engineer of China Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Yao Kuowei, Chief Engineer of Jinan Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., Professor Yang Honghong and Professor Yuan Yixing of the Municipal Department of our school.

The course adopts the combination of engineering cases and design drawings to teach water supply and drainage special planning, routine design of pipe network and water plant, comparison and selection of deep purification processes and other aspects, aiming at expanding students' professional vision, deepening students' professional understanding,analyzing design points and standardizing design steps. In the communication part, the teachers answered the graduation design questions raised by the students in detail.