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Hello everyone! My name is Said-Salakh and I am from Chechen Republic (Russia, North-Caucasus). Many people who have heard about Chechnya know that we had a war about 15 years ago, but what they don’t know is that the war has long ended. Now, Chechnya lives under a tranquil sky! Chechnya was reborn from the ashes and became one of the most beautiful places in Russia. Almost all my life I lived in Chechnya. I finished school and successfully graduated from Chechen State University (Grozny).


After graduation, I worked for three years before deciding to continue my studies. Having carefully considered a variety of options and foreign education proposals, I came to the conclusion that the People's Republic of China would be best suited to enrich my knowledge in my field of interest. China is the best example of a country that carries out optimal state financial and economic policies in order to promote investment, enhance the development of production capacities, improve the involvement of people in business and entrepreneurship, and support the development of domestic and foreign trade. Through its policies, China is now an economic superpower, a leader in industrial production, and the country with the largest gold reserves. Therefore, when I received a great opportunity to apply for the CSC Scholarship, I chose Harbin Institute of Technology, a spectacular university that is ranked as one of the best universities in all of China!


I came to China in September of 2017. During my first year, I studied Chinese language. it was a very interesting year! All my teachers were exceedingly professional and I had classmates from 7 different countries. Chinese language is one of the most difficult languages in the world, but with the assistance of HIT it became easier. Throughout that year, the international center organized many activities and trips for us students, such as trips to Daqing, Dalian, Sun Island, Qiqihar etc., and through these activities we were able to practice the Chinese language and meet new friends.

At the end of the first year, all students had to pass HSK 4 to successfully enroll in their master's programs. All coped well with this task. For good grades and full attendance, I was awarded a diploma.


In 2018, I started my master’s program as a major in   business administration. At the beginning of the year I was chosen by classmates to be a class monitor. We had different courses related to international business, trade and economy. We performed different practical and theoretical tasks, and our classes helped us to increase our skills and learn new skills in various business fields. Our school also held different round tables, seminars and conferences. Through these activities we received extra  knowledge and had a chance to communicate and share ideas with various groups and individuals. I successfully finished all my coursework, and in the end of July I defended my thesis proposal. I am currently working on my research. My professor, Zhang Li, supported me in every step and motivated me to do my best. We have meetings every week where we share our research progress with the professor and other students. Afterwards, they give valuable suggestions and feedback.


Around this time last year, I volunteered for various HIT activities such us HIT Summer School, The Third ASRTU Sino-Russian Bilataral Symposium on Innovation Food Science and Equipment, etc. When we participate in activities like this, we not only help the university, but we also increase our knowledge in different fields while better understanding different aspects of life and science, and throughout the process we meet and communicate with many smart and interesting people.

One of my favorite activities held by CIE is Coffee Corner. Every Friday, students from different countries present information about their own countries. Participating in these activities gives me a lot of knowledge about other countries, nationalities, and cultures.


HIT also holds a big cultural festival every year where students from more than 100 countries present their own country’s culture, history and even cuisine! You can taste food from many countries all in one day. This is surely one the most anticipated activities among HIT students.

HIT cares about its international students and always tries to improve their living conditions and solve any problems the students might face. It was a great honor for me to be one of the 14 representatives of international students to attend a meeting with the top managers of HIT in order to understand the main problems faced by international students in daily life and in study. It also allowed us to give our recommendations for how to address these problems and express our wishes.Coming to China for studying also gave me an opportunity to travel around China and South-East Asia. During these two years I visited some Chinese cities and during the winter I traveled to four other countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Through these trips I learned so much about these countries. I discovered their history, met their people, and saw many incredibly beautiful places.

I must also say that after I came to China I was extremely impressed with the hospitality of the Chinese people and their willingness to help foreigners without prejudice. I think the main reason for the fast development of China is the hard work of Chinese people. Seeing people wake up at 5 am and working until 10 pm also motivates us to work hard to reach our dreams.

Studying at HIT has brought me countless opportunities, new friends from all over the world, and positive emotions, all while expanding my horizons of knowledge. I would like to thank Harbin Institute of Technology for admitting me to the master’s program. Also I give special thanks to my supervisor, Zhang Li, and the staff from the international college for supporting me during my time in China.