Exploring China
Visit Daqing, China's oil city.
Exploring Harbin
The Sun Island.
Ice and Snow World Visit
Each international student has a chance to enjoy the beauty of ice or snow sculpture in Harbin.


Munich Restaurant
German-style decoration makes it quite easy to find. Schweinehaxen and sausage are the must dishes to order.
Sha Zhu Tian
It is a good choice to have Korean food here. Beef, marbled meat, sausage, soup are extremely welcomed by customers.
Ichigo Ramen
Japanese food can be found here. If you want to enjoy the food here, you need to book a table, for the restaurant is so popular.
Zhi Cafe
Various cakes and coffees can be chosen here. No matter the first time or the second time you eat here, you will come back for next time for its delicacy.


Six Pub
It is near HIT. You can see live band performance and enjoy various drinks. It is a good place to chat with several friends here.
Nobodyknows Bar
Most of customers here are foreigners. You can enjoy light music and drinks with some friends.
Fox Pub
You can enjoy delicious fish and chips here, as well as tasty sandwiches. Good decoration and warm atmosphere help you feel quite relaxed.
Blackberry House
You can enjoy the special Red&Black Ball here. In red or black, people drink, laugh and dance here.