Entry Requirements

Applicants must be foreign nationality in good health.
Applicants must have bachelor’s degree.

  1. HIT Application for Admission to Degree Program
  2. Notarized copy of Bachelor’s degree (Chinese or English)
  3. Notarized undergraduate transcript (Chinese or English)
  4. Two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English from professors
  5. Study Plan more than 800 words
  6. Copy of Passport
  7. Language requirement for Chinese-medium Programs: Recent HSK-4 or above, or pass the Chinese Entrance Examination organized by university.
  8. Language requirement for English-medium Programs: TOEFL 90, IELTS 5.5 or above, or pass the English Entrance Examination organized by university.
  9. the recent Physical Exam Certificate.

Academic Calendar

Fall Semester: early September — mid January
Spring Semester: early February — mid July
Summer Semester: mid July — early August

Programs Instructional Language Tuition Fees(RMB)
Master Chinese

Registration fee: 400 RMB (Test fee 200RMB)
Housing fee: 600 RMB/month/bed (excluding electricity and internet fee)
Insurance fee: 800 RMB /year

Notice:Tuition fee should be paid within the first week of each new term, and won’t be refunded.

Major Settings

School Major
School of Astronautics 0811 Control Science and Engineering
0801 Mechanics
0825 Aeronautical And Astronautical Science And Technology
0803 Optical Engineering
0809 Electronics Science And Technology
School of Energy Science and Engineering 0807 Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo-Physics

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HIT Master’s Degree Programs Taught in English

Category School Major Research Field
Management School of Economy and Management 0202 Applied Economics
  1. International Industry and Technology Transfer
  2. International Trade Theory
  3. Industry Economic Theory and Method
  4. The Financial Policy and Regulation
  5. Financial Economics
  6. Financial Engineering
1201 Management Science and Engineering
  1. Management Information System, Decision Support System
  2. E-commerce E-government Business Intelligence
  3. Systems Engineering Theory and Application
  4. Number Theory and the Statistical Analysis and Decision Optimization Model
  5. Knowledge Management and Knowledge Engineering
  6. Project Management
  7. Construction Management Theory and Method
  8. Real Estate Investment and Management
  9. Housing and Housing System
1202 Business Administration
  1. Technology Innovation and Technology Management
  2. Industry and Regional Development Theory
  3. Risk Analysis and Management
  4. Management Theory of Modern Manufacturing System
  5. Strategic Management and Modern Organization Theory
  6. Marketing Theory
  7. Accounting Theory and Practice
  8. Cost and Management Accounting Theory and Method
  9. Financial Management Theory and Method
1204 Public Management
  1. Administrative Management Theory and Research Methods
  2. Public Sector Reform and Practice
  3. Policy Analysis and Evaluation of Projects
  4. Local Governance and Development Strategy
Material Science School of Materials Science and Engineering 0805 Materials Science and Engineering
  1. Metal and Ceramics Materials
  2. Surface Engineering
  3. Behavior of Materials under Space Environment and Test Technologies
  4. Polymer Matrix Composite Materials
  5. Micromechanics of Composite Materials
  6. Information Function Material and Device
  7. Biomedical Materials and Device
  8. Science and Solidification of Liquid Forming Technology
  9. Plastic Forming Theory and Technology
  10. Science and Technology of Materials Joining
Mechanical Engineering School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering S0802 Mechanical Engineering
  1. Mechanical Design and Theory
  2. Mechanical Manufacture Automation
  3. Mechatronic Engineering
  4. Production Process Management
School of Energy Science and Engineering 0807 Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo-Physics
  1. Combustion and Pollution Control
  2. Dynamic Fluid and Chemical Machinery
  3. Heat, Mass Transfer and Multiphase flow
  4. The Utilization of Energy

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