Admission Requirements

Applicants must be foreign nationality in good health.
Applicants must have completed high school.

  1. HIT Application for Admission to Degree Program/li>
  2. Notarized copy of High School Certificate
  3. Notarized undergraduate transcript (Chinese or English)
  4. Recent HSK-4 or above (Chinese-medium Programs), or pass the Chinese Entrance Examination organized by university (Except Chinese Language and Literature major)
  5. Copy of Passport
  6. The students who apply the sophomore in School of Humanities, Social Science and Law for major Chinese Language and Literature should have graduated from High School for one year and provide the Certification and Transcripts learned at HIT at least one year.
  7. English requirement for English-medium Programs: TOEFL 90, IELTS 5.5 or above, or pass the English Entrance Examination organized by university.
  8. The recent Physical Exam Certificate.

School Calendar

Fall Semester: early September — mid January
Spring Semester: early March — early July
Summer Semester: early July — early August

Programs Instructional
Tuition Fees(RMB)
Bachelor Chinese 20,000/year
English 26,000/year

Insurance fee: 800 RMB /year
Registration fee: 400 RMB
Housing fee: 600 RMB/month/bed (excluding electricity and internet fee)
Note: Tuition fee should be paid within the first week of each new term, and won’t be refunded.

Schools and Majors

School Admission Major (Major Categories) Including Specialties (direction)
School of Astronautics Engineering Mechanics, Composite Materials and Engineering Engineering Mechanics
Composite Materials and Engineering
Aircraft Design and Engineering Aircraft Design and Engineering
Aircraft Environment and Life Security Engineering
Space Science and Technology
Electronic Information Ⅱ Electronics Science and Technology
Photoelectric Information Technology and Engineering (Optical Engineering)
Electronics Information Science and Technology
Automation Automation
Detection Guidance and Control Technology
School of Electronics and Information Engineering Electronic Information Ⅰ Communication Engineering
Electromagnetic Field and Wireless Technology
Electronic Information Engineering
Remote Sensing Science and Technology
Information Countermeasure Technology
School of Mechatronics Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation
Mechatronics Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Flight Vehicle Manufacturing Engineering
Industrial design
Robot Engineering
School of Materials Science and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering
Material Physics
Optical & Electronic Information Science and Engineering(system)
Welding Technology and Engineering Welding Technology and Engineering
Electrical Encapsulation Technology
Material Forming and Controlling Engineering  
School of Energy Science and Engineering Energy and Power Energy and Power Engineering
Aircraft Power Engineering
Nuclear Engineering and Technology
School of Electrical Engineering and Automation Electrical Engineering and Automation Electrical Engineering and Automation
Electrical and Intelligent Building
School of Instrumentation Science and Engineering Instrument Measurement and Testing Technology and Instrument
Precise Instrument
Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering
School of Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Information and Computing Science
School of Physics Physics Applied Physics
Nuclear Physics
Optical Information Science and Technology  
School of Management Economic Management Information Management and Information System
Big Data Management and Application
Business Administration
Financial Management
International Economy and Trade
Computational Finance
School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law Sociology Sociology
Economics International Economy and Trade
Chinese Language and Literature  
School of Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Civil Engineering
City Underground Space Engineering
Engineering Management
School of Environment Environmental Science and Engineering Environmental Engineering
Environmental Science
Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering  
School of Architecture Architecture (Five years)  
Urban and Rural Planning Urban and Rural Planning (Five years)
Landscape Architecture (Five years)
Construction Environment and Energy Application Engineering  
Design Digital Media Technology
Digital Media Art
School of Transportation Science and Engineering Transportation Road Bridge and River Crossing Engineering,
Traffic Engineering
Transportation Equipment and Control Engineering
School of Computer Science and Technology Computer Computer Science and Technology
Information Security
Internet of Things Engineering
Data Science and Big Date Technology
Artificial Intelligence
Software Engineering  
School of Foreign Languages English  
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Energy Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering and Technology
Energy Chemical Engineering
Food Science and Engineering
Polymer Materials and Engineering
Chemistry Materials Chemistry
Applied Chemistry
School of Life Science and Technology Biological Sciences Biotechnique

English-Medium Programs

Compulsory courses(See NOTES)
Basic courses: Introduction to Civil Engineering, Theoretical Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Structural Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Elasticity Theory, Civil Engineering Materials, Engineering Geology, Land Surveying.
Specialized courses: Loads and Structural Design Methods, Theory for Concrete Structures, Design for Concrete and Masonry Structures, Theory and Design of Steel Structures, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Design of Tall Building Structures, Seismic Design of Buildings, etc.
Chemical Engineering and Technology:
Compulsory courses(See NOTES)
Basic courses: Chemical Transfer and Unit Operation, Chemical Separate Engineering, etc.
Specialized courses:
For Polymer Materials and Engineering: Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Functional Polymer Materials, etc. For Chemical Engineering and Technology: Principles of Electrochemistry, Electrochemical Measurement, etc.
Food Science and Engineering:
Compulsory courses (See NOTES)
Basic courses: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Principles, Biochemistry, Microbiology.
Specialized courses: Food Chemistry, Food Analysis, Food Nutrition, Biological Separation Engineering, New Technology of Food Processing

Notes: Compulsory courses: Mathematical Analysis for Science and Technology Majors, Linear Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Descriptive Geometry and Cartography, College Chemistry, College Physics, MATLAB Programming Language, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics.

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